Austin Powers would be in his element at the Peppermill Fireside Lounge. With its bubbling fire pool, mirrored walls, circular booths, neon tubes of blue and pink, and cocktail servers dressed in elegant black gowns, it harkens back to a groovier era, baby. Voted one of “America’s 10 Best Make-Out Bars” by Nerve Magazine, this is not the bar to bring someone who wants to be “just friends.” It is, however, the bar to bring someone who appreciates old fashioned cocktails (Harvey Wallbanger, anyone?) and who can hold his or her liquor—the signature Scorpion is an alky’s dream come true, with six different kinds of liquor and ice cream. It’s served in what looks like a fishbowl and it tastes great going down, but by the time you get to the bottom of the 64-ouncer, the flavor will be the least of your concerns. The Peppermill is open daily 24 hours.