You really should experience this as a full package, from dinner through the show Vegas Nocturne to the part where the whole facility transforms before your eyes into a high-energy nightclub, but if you’d prefer to just show up for that—or to sit at the bar and enjoy the spectacle happening around you during the evening—you are welcome in any case. Get there by midnight to catch the final “canto” (act) of Vegas Nocturne, which includes jaw-dropping variety acts and over-the-top humor that ramps up the energy, so that by the time the DJ takes over, you’re ready to party. Multiple bars include a quieter library and a chill lounge space; but the main club, with a dance floor where the show’s stage is, is the primary party spot. Be sure to take some time to explore the specially crafted cocktail list, which features a level of mixology science almost unheard of in the Vegas nightclub world. The bars open at 5:30pm Thursday through Sunday and the nightclub portion gets going after the midnight canto.