Once the palace where the Hiltons, Kardashians, and other reality TV celebrities partied the night away, the Asian-themed club at the Venetian has lost a bit of the limelight to bigger, newer Strip clubs. Ah well, it’s still fun. Enter into the Buddhist temple—if Buddhist temples were opulent palaces that offered high-end bottle service—under the arched hallway, flanked by bathtubs, which appear again on raised platforms on the dance floor. Where you’d usually find go-go dancers inciting the crowd, bathing beauties are trying to not splash water everywhere to the beat of the pounding bass. The footprint of the main floor of the club is small compared to current standards, which ensures that everyone dancing gets to know each other really well. The bathrooms on the second level are, er, interesting; they overlook the main floor, but once you enter them and lock the door behind you, the frosted glass door goes opaque, so you will have privacy while you do your business. Bottle service tables line up against a long banquette, so unless you pony up for a truly private table, your party will have to mingle with the one next to you. But that’s ok, you came to make new friends, didn’t you? It’s open Thursday through Saturday from 10pm until 5am.