America’s Got Talent winner Fator is no Susan Boyle, that’s for sure, but his shtick—ventriloquism meets impersonation—is entertaining. The format of the 80-minute show is fairly standard: A series of puppets joins Fator on stage, and they proceed to do a song or three impersonating a famous voice. Winston the Turtle does a serviceable Justin Bieber and a very good Kermit the Frog, while Walter the Cowboy kills on a Brooks & Dunn song—or rather Fator does, of course. Even the less-than-perfect impressions are still impressive considering the fact that he’s doing it all with his mouth closed. Fator’s overall demeanor is a little too laconic, especially when he doesn’t have a piece of felt on his hand, but the show mostly hits its middle-of-the-road target on the bull’s-eye, offering up some decent chuckles and a nice night of music. Try to get a seat in the center section, otherwise you’ll spend most of your time watching the giant TV screens instead of the guy (and his friends) on stage. Shows are Monday through Thursday at 7:30pm.