Much like the actual Times Square, this bar is usually jam-packed full of tourists looking for a night of revelry. Dueling pianos are the draw, and create the perfect soundtrack for a booze-driven night of camaraderie with your fellow Vegas visitors. Lord help you when they start playing Billy Joel’s Piano Man. If you’re so inclined to do a crawl through the bars at New York-New York, you can purchase an all-access pass starting at $15 that gets you past cover here, Nine Fine Irishmen and Coyote Ugly. The bar is open Monday through Thursday from 1pm until 2:30am, and Friday and Sunday from 11am through the wee hours. Shows are from 8pm to 2am, but if you want to be able to have a conversation without shouting over the music, stop in for happy hour, weekdays from 3pm to 7pm.