Created by the same folks who do the outrageous and outrageously entertaining Absinthe, this show follows a similar pattern with a series of variety acts strung together in a loose narrative. Here it’s a soiree thrown by the boozy and snobby rich brother and sister Alfonso and Beverly, who act as hosts of a party featuring their family, friends, employees, and others doing everything from tap dancing to magic to contortionism to Cirque-style acrobatics. It’s all deliciously off-kilter, with gleefully inappropriate humor and a wild cast of characters who are impossible not to adore. The show is presented in three different “cantos,” or acts, with the early show setting up the premise and transitioning people from the restaurant Rose.Rabbit.Lie; the late show pushing the boundaries with more adult-themed acts and humor; and the short midnight show setting up the space’s transition to the Rose.Rabbit.Lie nightclub experience. The action is not limited to the main stage; other acts, including totally unique ones or continuations of others, happen in various rooms throughout the venue. For instance, pay attention for the announcement of a funeral for a fish happening in the nearby cloakroom and then run so you can be one of the handful who get to witness it. Do yourself a favor and experience it all, but if you want to see just one of the shows, the 9:30pm is probably the one to go for as long as you aren’t easily offended. Shows are Thursday through Sunday at 7:30pm, 9:30pm, and midnight (each show is different).