The two-floor behemoth, on the 50 and 51st floors of the Rio, was one of the original mega clubs before nightclubs became the huge deal that they are today. The steakhouse component occupies the first level. After a dinner there, head up to the club to continue your night. There are two sections in which you can spend your time: the lounge with voodoo-themed decor and furniture (yeah, it feels a bit dated), or the more contemporary dance floor area. The two-story rooftop terrace is the winning feature here affording some of the best views of the city, not to mention a breath of fresh air when you need it; you can head even higher up if you take the spiral staircase. Beware the blacklit hallway into the club; it’s meant to highlight the neon voodoo paintings on the wall, but also succeeds in pointing out any lint you have on your clothes. The lounge portion is open nightly 5pm to 3am and the nightclub operates Sunday through Thursday from 8pm until 2am, and Friday and Saturday until 3am.