A Vegas institution in its original but now-closed West Las Vegas location, much beloved by in-the-know locals, Fellini’s is a classic Italian restaurant—you know, gloopy red sauce, garlicky cheesy bread—which isn’t meant to be an insult at all. It might not be ambitious, but it is reliable and more than satisfying. Fellini’s does a strong version of pasta (rigatoni, in this case) amatriciana, and they are generous with the pancetta. And while some Italian food purists would shudder at the gnocchi with tenderloin tips, topped with Gorgonzola and shallot cream sauce, they are just missing out, that’s all. The well-proportioned menu offers a variety of options from osso buco to basic pizza, and, given the prices, that makes it a good option for families with a similar range of tastes and needs. Put on your hiking shoes to get to the place, which is located in the furthest back corner of the casino, practically in another county from the parking garage.