Las Vegas used to be a not-very-good pizza town, but that’s slowly changing. When Tony Gemignani brought his California-based Pizza Rock to Las Vegas, he didn’t just bring one style of pizza with him, he brought all of them. Gemignani, who is also an 11-time World Pizza Champion, installed five different types of electric, gas, and wood-burning ovens to be able to prepare 10 different regional styles of pizza. There’s the proper Napolitana-style pizza, with a chewy, blistered crust (this is the one that earned him a few awards); they only make a set amount of dough for this pizza each day, so when they’re out, they’re out. The rectangular Roman pies are long enough to warrant three different sections of toppings on them. New York pizza lovers are represented as well, along with Detroit and the underrated New Haven, CT-style of pizza. And we like that instead of trying to tackle Chicago deep dish, he went the opposite direction, making cracker-thin crust that can be topped with traditional ingredients like fennel-laced sausage. As for the ambiance: the music is loud, and as the name suggests, rock-heavy, and there’s a curious half-cab of a semi-truck that anchors one side of the dining room, which also serves as the DJ booth. A second Pizza Rock location recently opened at Green Valley Ranch, with Little Tony’s at Palace Station for a closer slice.