The headless statue of Stalin outside the restaurant is a little misleading, because Red Square is dedicate to more than just Russian delicacies (though there is plent of vodka and caviar to go around). It also happens to be one of the few restaurants where you'll find actual Eastern European food on the Strip (ok, it's the only one.) But they've been kind enough to translate the dishes to help us Americans out. What would be called ajarski khachapuri in its native toungue gets softened to Georgian cheese bread, a hearty bread boat with melted cheese and a soft egg in the middle. The classic chicken Kiev is miniaturized, taking the butter splatter out of the equation. There are even three types of traditional dumplings: pelmeni, pierogi, and verniki because dumpling are the universal food group. The caviar service is of fine domestic varieties (that happily won't break the bank) with proper accompaniements of egg whites, shallots and creme fraiche, to be piled extravagantly on blini or toast points.  This all may seem beside the point if you decide to go full fantasy here, donning a (loaner) fur coat and Cossack’s hat to dine in the vodka locker, an icy chamber near the front of the bar where one can drink vodka, and shiver at the same time—like they do in the old country.