Chef Todd was at the helm of the Sterling Brunch at Bally’s for many years before he opened his own spot in Green Valley, wanting to serve the community he’d lived in for so many years, rather than just the tourists. Somehow, visitors got wind of his place too, so they’ve followed him here. The menu changes daily, which keeps the locals very happy. His signature goat cheese wontons are a staple, served with a drizzle of raspberry basil sauce. Boneless short ribs are another favorite, cooked long and slow until they’re falling apart, accompanied by jalapeno mashed potatoes. Most of the main entrees follow this template: protein, starch, and vegetable, and that’s the way his guests like it. A full meal at a great price, prepared by a guy they know in the kitchen. If you’ve got a definite date when you’re coming to town, sign up for the restaurant’s mailing list on the website and you’ll be updated with events and special offers.