Heaven forbid that when the apocalypse happens, this and M&M’s World across the street lose power at the same time, resulting in Wonka-proportion rivers of chocolate spilling onto Las Vegas Boulevard. A fantasy, for sure, but one that’s welcome at the flagship at New York–New York. A scaled down, no-ride version of the original theme park in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the lures include an 800-pound chocolate Statue of Liberty, the ability to customize your own candy bar wrapper, and a bakery serving cookies, cupcakes, and plenty of other chocolate-infused goodies. Unlike its neighbor, this store is dedicated to more than just the iconic Hershey’s chocolate, including interactive displays about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Jolly Ranchers. It’s open Sunday through Thursday 9am to 11pm, and Friday and Saturday 9am to midnight.