A short walk downhill from the real cave is an impressive reproduction of the original, duplicated and molded in concrete to look and feel like the original stone. The 39m-long (128-ft.) tunnel faithfully reproduces the section of the cave harboring 90 percent of the famous paintings, so you will get a good idea of what the "Sistine Chapel of Prehistory" looks like. You'll see majestic bulls, wild boars, stags, horses, and deer, the originals of which were painted by Cro Magnon peoples 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. No one has yet figured out exactly what purpose these paintings served, but the artistry of these prehistoric painters is startling. Try to show up as close to opening time as possible -- the number of visitors per day is limited to 2,000, and tickets usually sell out by 2pm. During the winter, you can buy tickets directly at Lascaux II (remember, it's closed Mon in off season), but from April to October, you must purchase them from a kiosk adjacent to the Montignac tourist office, place Bertran-de-Born. You will be given a specific time for your guided visit; be sure to ask for a tour in English, if needed.