Martin Luther used to dine here -- that's how old this mellow place is. It's been serving hearty regional fare since 1454. Goethe used to drop in, as did the composer Robert Schumann. By 1865 it became known as the Thüringer Hof and had 1,200 seats, making it one of the most famous restaurants of Germany, as fabled as the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. The restaurant had to be rebuilt after World War II, and the Luther Hall section was completely duplicated. Showing wear and tear in the 1990s, it was rebuilt once again. The tradition of good food is still maintained, with some of the recipes sounding as if they are the same that Luther himself ate. We're talking Thuringian potato soup with sausage slices or pickled beef with raisin sauce and Thuringian dumplings. Purple cabbage comes with many dishes. Among the courses we'd recommend are spicy pork goulash with cream mushrooms or rare filets of lamb in a garlic sauce with potato croquettes. Hearty eaters will go for the grill platter for two -- breast of chicken, venison steak, pork medallions, and home-fried potatoes.