The privately held Museo Oro del Perú (Gold Museum) was created from the private collection of a man named Miguel Mujica Gallo, who pieced together thousands of glittering gold ceremonial objects from many pre-Colombian cultures in Peru. A decade ago the National Institute of Culture and the Tourism Protection Bureau declared that many of the pieces were fake, though the museum has since replaced the pieces at issue. The collection spans dozens of Inca and pre-Inca cultures, and includes such items as funerary masks and gold-plated arms from the Sicán, a gold-plated weasel from the Frias, and Nazca shin protectors. There are also mummies, ceramics, and textiles, though to some, the museum’s most interesting collection is the section of the museum called “Weapons of the World,” which features tens of thousands of different weapons from across the globe, from spears and stone clubs from prehistoric tribes to guns and swords from recent centuries.