Founded by Italian immigrant Santiago Queirolo Raggio in 1880, Taberna Queirolo is one of Lima's oldest continually operated bars. It was originally a pulpería, a small shop specializing in selling octopus. On Pueblo Libre's main square, the tavern is attached to a larger pisco bodega that was once used to sell Queirolo-brand wines and piscos to the workers at surrounding haciendas (stop by for free tastings or to pick up a few bottles). There's an air of nostalgia in the saloon-style doors, long marble-topped bar, and old black and white photographs. Neighborhood regulars will stop in for a light tipple and well made criollo plates like choritos a la chalaca, mussels served on the half-shell with chopped onions and peppers, or sandwiches made with ham and onion relish. The recipes have changed little in the past century.