A major contributor to helping Lima transition from a Miami Beach-style club scene to more of a hipster bar scene, Ayahuasca is one of Lima's preeminent night spots. The Republican-era Barranco casona that houses it, built between 1875 and 1895, is one of the neighborhood's most beautiful pieces of architecture. The current owners have livened up the winding staircases and wood railings with folkloric art installations that cover entire walls with glass aquariums full of knickknacks and Andean weaving. There's a light menu of Peruvian pub grub, though most are here for the cocktails, especially pisco-based libations like Amazonian fruit macerations. There are dozens of variations of chilcanos (pisco with ginger ale in its most basic form) and pisco sours, like the Ayahuasca Sour, made with tumbo, aguaymanto, and coca leaves. The crowd is appealingly diverse, representing a broad range of ages and interests.