Criolla-style food is what most Limeños eat at their house or what they think of when remembering what their grandmothers made. Yet, it’s rare that criolla cooking appears at a restaurant, and when it does, it’s usually at a place that’s very rustic. Enter Isolina, which opened in 2015. This cool, two-level restaurant with painted tile floors and reclaimed wood from the original Barranco casona it is set in has brought newfound recognition to these hearty, soulful dishes, many of which include offal (but not all!). From its ceviche (sole with fried octopus) to its tacu tacu that uses black beans like in the old days to a cau-cau (tripe and potato stew) that shares a plate with sangrecita (boiled, fried, and seasoned chicken blood), all of it is delicious and beautifully executed.