Most visitors to Peru get so caught up with ceviche that they don’t realize just how big of a sandwich culture Lima has. While most of the sandwich shops are rather basic or just a stand in front of a bar, La Lucha brings a gourmet touch to classics like the butifarra (country ham with onion relish) and chicharrón (fried pork with sweet potatoes). They can be ordered with a side of beautifully crisp fries made from huayro potatoes, some of Lima’s best. There’s also a full juice bar with regional flavors like granadilla (a type of passionfruit), cocona (an acidic type of tomato), and aguaymanto (gooseberry). The Parque Kennedy location, with open-air sidewalk seating and a small dining area with checkered tiled floors, is the original, though it’s become so popular that branches at Óvalo Gutiérrez and the Larcomar shopping center food court have been added.