One of Lima’s first upscale cevicherías, Pescados Capitales is still one of the best. The name is a play on the phrase for “original sin” (in Spanish, pescado, or “fish,” is one letter removed from pecado, or “sin”), and the menu expands the notion by giving plates like ceviche and arroz con mariscos names like “guilt,” “pride,” or “envy.” The space centers around a wooden terrace with umbrella-shaded seating, with two additional dining areas enclosed by a glass and bamboo roof. The restaurant is extremely popular with Lima’s well-to-do, and the waits can get particularly long on weekends. This is one of the few cevicherías that is open for dinner, which is usually quieter and more laid-back than the daytime. A second location has been added in San Borja at Av. Primavera 1067.