Bullfighting, less of a national craze here than in Spain or Mexico, is held in July and in the main season from October to December at the 18th-century Plaza de Acho, Jr. Hualgayoc 332, in Rímac (tel. 01/315-5000 or 01/481-1467), the third-oldest ring in the world. Events are held Sunday afternoon. The fiestas taurinas bring matadors from Spain and take place at the same time as the Señor de los Milagros in October. Tickets, which range from about S/60 to S/300 for a single event (depending on whether seats are in the shade), can be obtained at the box office at the bullring. They can also be purchased at Farmacia Deza, Av. Conquistadores 1140, San Isidro (tel. 01/440-3798), or by phone from Teleticket (tel. 01/242-2823). Inquire about advance tickets by sending an e-mail to

Peruvian Pacing Horses

Peruvian Paso horses (caballos de paso), which have a unique four-beat lateral gait, are considered by many to be the world's smoothest riding horse and also one of the showiest of all horse breeds. If you're already a fan of the breed, or just a fan of horses in general, seeing them on their home turf could be exciting. There are concursos (show events) scheduled at different times of the year; there's a big one in April (free admission). Information about exhibitions is available from the Asociación Nacional de Caballos Peruanos de Paso, Bellavista 549, Miraflores (tel. 01/444-6920 or 01/447-6331).


Important league and national fútbol (soccer) matches are held at the venerable 50-year-old Estadio Nacional, Paseo de la República, Blocks 7-9, located just 5 minutes from the city center. Popular teams include Alianza Lima, Alianza Atlético, Universitario (known as "La U"), and Sporting Cristal. Tickets (S/10-S/75) for most matches can be purchased the same day at the stadium or from Teleticket (tel. 01/242-2823).

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