Gardening on the Oregon coast can be a difficult and often impossible proposition, given the salty air, rocky/sandy soil, and sometimes gale-force winds, so this charming and distinctive coastal cottage garden in a residential section of Lincoln City is both a surprise and a delight for garden lovers. It was created over a 20-year period by its namesake, Connie Hansen, a San Francisco transplant who moved to Lincoln City in 1973. Though small, the garden is planned in such a way that it seems much larger, and surprises are found at every turn of the meandering paths that run through it. Visit in the spring for the primroses, irises, and rhododendrons; in the summer to enjoy a panoply of colorful and unusual perennials; and in the fall to marvel at the burnished colors in the heather berms. Rare trees and shrubs add interest throughout the year. The garden is so unobtrusive from the road that you could pass by and never notice it. To find it, turn off U.S. 101 onto NW 33rd and look for the sign and small parking lot.