For years, the area around Cascade Head and Lincoln City has been where I usually hang out on the coast, and for years, the little Otis Cafe has been the spot where locals and in-the-knowers go for a big, old-fashioned breakfast or a filling lunch with a piece of marionberry pie for dessert. It’s nothing more than a cheerful roadside diner, 5 miles north of Lincoln City, but over the years it’s been “discovered” by Portland beach weekenders, so it’s now busier than ever and savvy enough to sell The New York Times in addition to the local Lincoln City News Guard. But, thankfully, the food remains resolutely old-fashioned: liver and onions (yes, really), pork chops and applesauce, burgers, BLTs, and tuna melts. And let us not forget the gooey cinnamon bun for breakfast.