Opened in October 2016, this ultra-contemporary museum, (by Amanda Levete’s London-based AL_A design firm) is an architectural game-changer, knitting together the river and city with a swooping panache. Locals delight in strolling atop its roof; and it set records for Lisbon museum attendance in its first week.

Whether record crowds continue to come once the novelty wears off is an open question, however. The museum will be showcasing art, architecture, new media and technology, in shows purpose built for the curvilinear interior space (I dare you to try and find a right angle here). So far, exhibitions have been less than scintillating, but with a space this unusual (one critic compared it to “an aquarium without fish”) it may take some time for the curators to find their stride. Also on view (always): the EDP Foundation Art Collection, including works from more than 250 Portuguese contemporary artists. The museum is next to the old Tejo Power Station (now the Electricity Museum).