Icons of the 20th century form the nucleus of Lisbon's hip new Museum of Design and Fashion. The ground-floor permanent exhibition holds a 1959 BMW "bubble car," the scarlet lips of a 1970's Bocca sofa, Dior dresses, post-modern '80s teapots, and hundreds of other landmark objects from last 100 years or so. There are temporary shows upstairs—they kicked off 2014 with a look at design successes by alumni of Lisbon University's architecture faculty. Opened in 2009, MUDE has contributed to Lisbon's growing reputation as one of Europe's coolest destinations. The museum is housed in the grandiose former headquarters of the Banco Nacional Ultramarino, the bank that financed Portugal's empire in Africa and Asia. A politically incorrect 1960's mosaic vaunting the benefits of colonization still dominates the lobby. Elsewhere, most of the bank's interior has been stripped, leaving a raw concrete shell with protruding pipes and naked wires above the occasional expanse of corporate marble flooring. The basement is an exception—the bank vaults complete with massive safe doors and over 3,500 polished steel deposit boxes have been preserved as an emblematic space for temporary exhibitions.