A museum dedicated to electricity production may not sound like the most exciting of attractions. Yet this is a gem, housed in a towering red-brick power station that's one of Portugal's finest examples of industrial architecture. Built in the early years of the 20th-century to light up Lisbon, the plant is located right on the banks of the River Tagus and the views from its great arched windows are breathtaking. Inside, the vast machine rooms are packed with huge furnaces and polished turbines gleaming with dials and panels and linked with a tangle of pipes, girders, stairways, and cables. Getting lost amid that mass of machinery will be a delight for kids of all ages. In addition there's an interactive section that lets you generate mini-bolts of blue lightning, suspend flying plates in mid-air with electro-magnetism, and best of all, give your friends electric shocks. There's also plenty of serious stuff about Edison, Faraday, Tesla, and other power pioneers. The museum also hosts regular exhibits of contemporary art, 2014 kicked off with an inventively displayed show of award-winning children's book illustrations from around the world. Other scheduled exhibitions include a fresh look at Portugal's leading modern artist Almada Negreiros.