For travelers, Lisbon has a big advantage over most other European capitals. While Paris, Rome, and Berlin dub movies into French, Italian, or German, almost all films in Lisbon are shown in the original language, with Portuguese subtitles. Unfortunately most of the grand old art deco movie theaters in the city center have closed down, to be replaced with shopping mall multiplexes showing all the latest Hollywood blockbusters in English. There are also a scattering of more intimate cinemas like the Espaço Nimas, which specializes in art house movies and regular showings of European movie classics by the likes of Bergman and Sokurov; or the Cinemateca Portuguesa, Lisbon's movie museum, which shows half-a-dozen classic movies a day and houses a great bookshop and cafe. The Cinema City Alvalade has the best of both worlds with four screens and a program that mixes Tinsel Town's latest offerings with new independent and European releases. Out among the modernist architecture of the Alvalade neighborhood, it also boasts a bar decorated with 1950's murals that holds regular live music, standup comedy, and karaoke nights.