The LX Factory is one of the coolest corners of Lisbon. A formerly derelict 19th-century industrial complex in the shadow of the April 25 Bridge, it opened in 2008 as an eclectic jumble of boutiques, book stores, art galleries, and cafes that have become a major new attraction in the city. There are several restaurants, but the Cantina LX is the most original. It's located in a redbrick building that once served as the canteen for workers in the neighboring printing plant. The space has an edgy, industrial feel with bare brick walls, original wood tables, and brightly painted iron chairs. The kitchen is open so diners can watch their food being popped into old wood-fired ovens. In keeping with the canteen's past, it serves hearty Portuguese standards: oven-baked octopus or salt-cod with new potatoes, steak in red-wine sauce, and herby lamb chops. On Sundays, there's a buffet lunch dominated by cozido, the national dish that combines meats, sausage, and boiled vegetables. Cantina LX is noisy and bustling and the ideal place to refuel after browsing the surrounding stores.