Floresta do Salitre is a fine example of a type of no-nonsense restaurant that can be found throughout Lisbon. They serve honest, home-style Portuguese cooking at a fair price and pull in workers for plates of comfort food and glasses of red wine before they head back to the office. It's noisy and bereft of decor, but there are always crisp white linen tablecloths and the food is hard to fault. There's a regular menu, but locals will just ask for the dishes of the day, which could be rice with octopus, fried hake, or roast leg of goat. Grab an almond tart or some fresh papaya with a squeeze of lemon for dessert, knock back a cup of strong espresso (with a shot of aguardente if you're feeling brave), and you've almost become a "Lisboeta." Note:  Come here during a midweek lunchtime and you'll likely have to wait in a line of besuited office workers before you get a table.