If you’ve grown up enough to have some money, but not enough to demand much of hotel staff, the Ace can plug you in to Shoreditch Cool. A stay here isn’t about service but about style, since the Ace’s agreeable pretensions have become a “lifestyle brand” for the fashionably impressionable. Area freelancers tap away on laptops all day at the lobby workbenches and well-dressed revelers thump away in its basement club. It’s just a converted mid-level business hotel (so if you pay in the £300s, you’ll feel ripped off), but rooms might be consideredcushy if you’re a hipster (check the room-width built-in window sofas) and styled with self-knowing false irreverence (instead of drawers, you use plastic crates, as if you were still in kindergarten, your bedspread is denim, and there’s a guitar—an Ace signature). It’s too much of a scene, perhaps, but fun.