Like a place you might find with a time machine, the Lynton, close to Victoria Station, is the kind of prototypical family-run crash pad London has mostly stamped out.Brothers Mark and Simon Connor took it over from their nan, who ran it since the mid-1960s (it’s been a guesthouse since after World War II, but a century ago was the home of a local horse doctor). The Gentrification Fairy has not yet pummeled the Lynton with her merciless wand—it’s pleasingly dog-eared, and the Connors, some of the last London-bred B&B proprietors left on Ebury Street, care deeply about their family tradition and dispense opinion at the slightest encouragement. Expect quarters that are sufficient but hardly deluxe, for those who’d rather spend money on other things. There’s no lift—the council won’t allow one.