The rates, like the basic standards, channel a bygone era. But there’s a trade-off: A 20-minute walk to the Tube or a 10-minute bus ride from Victoria Station, rooms with no phones or TVs (only in the lounge) and a casual vibe that can make it feel like you’re hanging out in someone’s house (which admittedly has its own appeal). Although half the rooms share bathrooms, there are so many WCs that you won’t have to wait even if everyone else has just consumed a pork vindaloo. Since the mid-’80s, owner Brian Millen has kept the 1850s house in fine condition and he’s got some gorgeous furniture, much of it older than the house itself. The double with a four-poster bed was a favorite of the legendarily dissolute football superstar George Best, who regularly stayed here, presumably on his London binges. About 90m (295 ft.) outside the front door on busy Oakley Street, you’ll find the tranquility of the Thames River and, across the cast-iron Albert Bridge, soothing Battersea Park. Its survival continues because of its unheard-of value.