You'd never know it was hiding in its green cradle betwen buildings from the outside, which is what makes this insidery, 3.5-acre West Hollywood oasis so cool and uber-L.A. To say a secluded L.A. hotel is a favorite of movie stars and rock musicians might seem redudant, but this one, styled almost like an urban country club, really is. Rockers love Nightbird, its basement recording studio (even just recently, Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, and Rihanna have recorded here) and celebrities dig the dapper sections of the property that combine former stand-alone homes and custom-made villas into a mini-village of self-contained, very secluded escapes, some with private entrances to the street. Billy Bob Thornton lived in one for years. If you can't spring for one of those multi-room suites, you can at least afford a spot in the main building, where standard rooms (here, "suites") combine two more-or-less normal-sized rooms into one unit, but you're still part of the scene.

And that scene includes two pools, a spa in which the beds are made by Porsche but therapists will come to your room anyway, frequent nights when music acts (on-the-boil singer-songwriters, not tired lounge acts) are booked to play poolside, and Cavatina restaurant where power players and sunglassed vanity cases are flattered with top-notch food and obsequious service—the oozing house burger is one of the richest you will ever eat. It's steps from both the Sunset Strip and the clubs of West Hollywood.