This is what you get when Andre Balazs (Chateau Marmont, New York’s Mercer Hotel) gets it into his head to resurrect a 1964 Sunset Strip motel. Without trying to disguise its origins, he created this ostentatious yet perfectly appropriate mashup of ’50s, ’60s and ’70s retro, with a nonstop scene to match. Beyond the DJ tirelessly working the lobby and the ceaseless party around the swimming pool, though, the hotel is about affordable style. No less than seven categories of rooms vary mostly by size and view. Most have balconies, but the least expensive face noisy Sunset Boulevard. Pricier rooms facing south, with views of the pool or the city, are quieter. The cobalt-blue flooring, Warhol poppy-print drapes and silver beanbag chairs have survived remodels and updates—and, surprisingly, hold their own with new Egyptian cotton sheets and down pillows. Renovated bathrooms feature luxurious rain showerheads. The diner-style 24/7 restaurant is true to its name, serving moderately priced, casual fare around the clock. The same menu is available poolside, at the desert-themed Cactus Lounge, and through room service. Note: The Downtown Standard, 550 S. Flower St. ([tel] 213/892-8080), brings 12 stories of similar retro-future style to Downtown, where its rooftop bar has become a hot ticket.