Althought it might seem strange to suggest you visit a multiplex on your vacation, this is no ordinary multiplex. ArcLight is go-to multiplex for the movie industry, and it's like your multiplex after finishing school, which is why it costs more than the sticky-floored shed you know from home. Check the schedule for frequent hosts screenings of first-run films followed by talks with the stars and directors themselves. Seats are huge and reserved, beer and wine are on tap, and each screening (even one without stars) is introduced in person by staff, who then monitors picture and sound quality throughout the showing. The hottest new movies are shown in the landmark Cinerama Dome, under the concrete geodesic dome on Hollywood Boulevard, which opened in 1963 (for the premiere It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) to give Hollywood epics the biggest screen possible. (The other houses are contemporary, but state-of-the-art.)