Excellent food at an affordable price is the payoff at this hidden restaurant in the heart of bustling Old Pasadena, but the lovely second-floor space in a historic brick building doesn’t hurt, either. A flower-bedecked patio looks out over the plaza below, at a safe remove from the clamor. The flavors  owe more to Greece than anywhere else—mezze (Mediterranean appetizers) like hummus and pita, babaghanoush and pita, baked baby eggplant, and entrees such as kebabs, souvlaki, and a grilled vegetable platter—but it ranges farther afield in dishes like manila clams, red curry risotto with seafood and a variety of pastas. When you’re in the mood for a fine meal but not for the rarefied atmosphere or high prices of a fine–dining restaurant, this is the place.

-Christine Delsol