This rustic spot in Topanga Canyon began life as a church and did time as a feed store, gas station, and junkyard before being renovated into one of L.A.’s most romantic restaurants. Outdoor seating overlooks a creek engulfed by vines and shrubs; indoors, a glass roof frames mountain views. The food is prepared to promote both physical and spiritual health, with seasonal organic ingredients or produce from known local farms. Meat and fish are slow-cooked at 180 degrees or less to prevent oxidants from forming, and water is treated by reverse osmosis and then alkalinized to add healing properties. Don’t worry; it’s not hippie-trippy food. While you can get a delicious summer vegetable succotash, the menu is rife with sophisticated dishes such as Copper River salmon, achiote-flavored chicken with polenta crème fraîche and charcoal crust filet mignon.