The same family has sold wieners on Venice Beach since 1976, and now offers 17 varieties. We won’t say “healthy,” but these “lesser-evil” sausages are homemade from fresh meat, produce and spices; naturally low in sodium and fat; and in most cases free of preservatives or MSG. All the traditional sausages are there, but you owe it to yourself to try the smoky Polish pork (made with dark beer), tequila chicken (jalapeños, corn and lime), pomegranate chicken (fresh basil and cardamom), or other unique versions. And don’t miss the chili cheese fries. Other locations include Universal CityWalk (tel. 818/622-5639) and LAX Terminal 6 (tel. 310/646-3472). Note: Though hot dogs appear on the menu, do not mistake this for a hot dog stand. They are as mediocre as the sausages are sublime.