When you've had it with the L.A. noise and traffic, it's time to hop in the car for a leisurely drive high in the hills above Malibu to Saddle Peak Lodge, an old hunting lodge that has been converted into a hidden, albeit popular, restaurant. It looks exactly like a hunting lodge should—a rustic, weathered ol' three-story building made of massive timbers and native rock that's been gussied up with Teddy-era antiques, a crackling fireplace, and a heady collection of stuffed game. Vegetarians beware: The menu is custom-made for meat lovers. There's grilled lamb loin and braised lamb shank; crispy-skin wild Scottish salmon; and the house specialty—roasted elk tenderloin that's so tender you can cut it with a fork. You'll need a strong selection of rich reds to pair with this genre of cuisine, hence the lengthy Wine Spectator-endorsed wine list. The restaurant also hosts a very popular Sunday brunch on the garden terrace, serving equally adventurous dishes such as thick buffalo burgers and the wild game trio. Tip: Though the restaurant is blue-jean-friendly, business casual attire is suggested and preferred.