Unlike many of L.A.’s known celebrity hangouts, this place won’t make you feel like a star if you are cheeky enough to broach its rose-festooned portals. With the star power comes a definite caste system, but those willing play the untouchable are rewarded by food that approaches perfection, served in a setting brimming with chintz and Wedgewood. You’ll pay dearly for the privilege of tucking into such dishes as fresh lobster pizza, grilled fresh vegetable salad (yes, everything seems to be fresh here), or Kobe style New York steak (domestically raised wagyu bred with Angus cattle), but you’ll probably remember it as one of the best meals you’ve ever had. A very good fried chicken with grilled corn, fresh wild swordfish tacos and a grass-fed beef burger with Niman Ranch bacon and imported brie come at the most down-to-earth prices; you could also get away with just one of the tasty starters, which include plump, crispy crab cakes and a fresh wild calamari skillet. Tip: Most of the incognito celebs sit on the elevated brick patio by the sidewalk; if star-gazing is your main goal, try just strolling casually by before you open your wallet.

-Christine Delsol