This comfort-food palace celebrated its 90th its birthday in 2014 with its linoleum floors, Formica tables, schoolhouse lamps and old-school menu securely in place. It’s open around the clock and serves steak, chops and all-American desserts, but its bread and butter, so to speak, is all-hours breakfast—a boon to visitors headed to the nearby L.A. Convention Center and clubbers seeking sustenance in the wee hours. Known primarily for its generous, if not gluttonous, portions, it offers a range from eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee to an enormous slab of sweet cured ham steak, eggs, and home fries; no frou-frou omelets or scrambles here. No menus, either, except for the wall-mounted chalkboards. And none of those new-fangled credit cards; cash or checks only, please. Lines get pretty long at certain times of day, but service is lightning fast and friendly.