The child of the famous New York restaurant of the same name, the Palm is one of the top traditional American eateries in the city. In both food and ambience, this West Coast WeHo apple hasn't fallen far from the proverbial tree. The restaurant is brightly lit, bustling with energy, and playfully decorated with dozens of celebrity caricatures on the walls. Live Nova Scotia lobsters are flown in almost daily and then broiled over charcoal and served with big bowls of melted butter. Most are enormous (3–7 lb.) and, although they're obscenely expensive, can be shared. The steaks and swordfish are similarly sized, perfectly grilled to order, and served a la carte by cheeky white-jacketed waiters who have been around since the Nixon administration. For dessert, stick with the Palm's perfect New York cheesecake, flown in from the Bronx.