Since opening on La Brea in 2009, Umami Burger—named after the fifth taste profile, savory or “umami”—is nearing the status of a cult classic. That location closed even as newer, bigger ones were being built, spreading the gospel of the coarse-ground, loosely packed burger seasoned with a soy-based sauce and spices including dried porcini mushrooms and fish. While the original burger remains the most popular, there are many variations, and each location has its own signature burger. You can find them at The Grove mall; in Hollywood (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.; tel. 323/469-3100); Downtown (852 S. Broadway; tel. 213/413-8626); in the Arts District (738 E. 3rd St.; tel. 323/263-8626); in Los Feliz (4655 Hollywood Blvd.; tel. 323/669-3922); and Santa Monica, LAX, Studio City, and Burbank.