One of the most impressive estates along the Lower Hudson, this handsomely restored Gothic Revival mansion, the finest of its style in the U.S., was designed by A. J. Davis in 1838 for a former New York City mayor. Later purchased by the railroad magnate and financier Jay Gould, the villa features an asymmetrical structure and grand Gothic interiors (including lots of faux stone and marble and stained-glass windows). The 67-acre estate features a massive glass and steel-framed conservatory (the largest of its day), rose garden, and arboretum. Today the mansion, a National Trust Historic Site, is decorated with many original furnishings and decorative objects culled from the three families that inhabited the estate over 123 years. Lectures and other activities, including vintage "base ball" games staged on the front lawn and candlelight Christmas evenings, are held at Lyndhurst. The self-guided audio tour, included in the price of admission, covers the entire property and Hudson Valley history; a children's version tunes kids into history and architecture. Plan on at least an hour or two here, several to explore the grounds.