It's hard to believe this hotel, beloved by many and a magnet for repeat business, is only a four-star place. Dating from 1911, this once-private villa is perched on a hillside overlooking Lucerne's famous lake. Its communal areas generally stick close to the early 20th-century style of decor, with wood paneling, rugs, and well-upholstered seating, while smart, nicely maintained Art Deco–style rooms and suites come with individual decor. Lake-facing rooms have balconies, although not all hill-facing rooms do. Single rooms, while relatively small, are excellent for the solo business traveler. One of the key selling points of the hotel is its great service and lively atmosphere; despite its stylish surrounds, there's nothing staid or stuffy about the place. The hotel can be accessed on foot by either an uphill walk along Adligenswilerstrasse or by private funicular (which also happens to be the world's shortest) from Haldenstrasse.