The diminutive proportions at this cheap-as-chips and bustling Thai spot give no indication of the big flavors sizzling away in the open-plan kitchen's woks. If Switzerland's love affair with cheese, veal, and onion sauce has left your taste buds looking to recharge, then this is the place to come. There are only a few tables and a lone drinks refrigerator, so most customers opt for take away. Fresh ingredients, lightning-fast service, and an authentic feel keep it perennially popular (there's also a next-door option named Pathai that specializes in noodles and Northern Thai dishes, and keeps the same hours). After a full day's sightseeing it's great to share a couple of dishes (the curries, particularly the red ones, are good, but so are the salads) on a bench at the nearby lakefront and watch the boats come in as the sun set over the surrounding mountains.