This northern region, which spills over from the Belgian Ardennes, is a treat for the nature lover and a gift for those in search of a quiet vacation. Handsome castles are everywhere in the Ardennes (Ardennen), with especially impressive examples at Clervaux and Esch-sur-Sûre. The area has its share of vacation resort towns, perhaps most notably in medieval Vianden, the proud site of a huge restored fortress surrounded by dense forests. In this area is Luxembourg's highest point, the Buurgplatz, 559m (1,835 ft.) high.

In places like Berdorf, Clervaux, Ettelbruck, and Wiltz, U.S. forces engaged German troops in the Battle of the Bulge (winter 1944-45), and the Ardennes bears more visible scars of World War II than any other part of Luxembourg. Memorials abound to the valiant GIs who fell in these fierce encounters.

While easily explored from a base in Luxembourg City, the Ardennes deserves an extended visit. The region has excellent country inns and small hotels in all price ranges. Reserve accommodations as far in advance as possible because this is a popular summer vacation spot, and hotel rooms can be hard to come by. Restaurants in the hotels listed (indeed, in most hotels in the Ardennes) are excellent.