When Macau was handed back to China in 1999, provinces and cities from all over China sent auspicious gifts to celebrate the momentous occasion. This museum, located on the site where the official handover ceremony took place, is a treasure trove of decorative arts, most of them rich in symbolism; you'd be hard-pressed to find such high quality and diversity in any other collection this small. Heibei's gift, for example, is a handcrafted filigree, inlaid with precious stones and metals, of nine golden lions (to signify the year 1999) supporting a ball representing the motherland, while Liaoning gave a jade carving depicting nine lions, nine blooming lotuses, and a rabbit in honor of 1999's Year of the Rabbit. My favorite is probably the two vases from Heilongjian, made from the walnut shells of 10,000 hickories collected in Xiao Xi'an Forest, but in honesty each successive display case seems to outdo the previous. Well worth the half hour or so you'll spend here.