I can't imagine going to Macau and not seeing this museum, housed in Mount Fortress dating from the early 17th century. In fact, I suggest making it your first priority, as nowhere else can you learn about Macau's history and culture as painlessly as here. Besides, you're probably already in the vicinity to see the Ruins of St. Paul's. Spread over three floors, the museum begins with the early history of the area and the arrival of the Portuguese and Jesuit missionaries, with a fascinating examination of how both cultures differed in terms of religion, writing systems, scientific observations, and philosophies. On the second floor you'll learn about daily life, crafts, and customs in old Macau, including traditional industries and occupations ranging from the production of firecrackers to sellers of tea, traditional Chinese medicine, marriage ceremonies, and even cricket fights. On display is a pedicab (once the main modes of transportation in Macau), a fishing boat, Chinese puppets, games and toys, examples of Macanese cuisine, Buddhist statues, and a recreated Macanese street showcasing colonial and Chinese facades. The third floor holds temporary exhibits of contemporary Macau, from which you have access to the rooftop ramparts of the fort, which has been converted into a garden and offers great views over the city. Plan on at least an hour here.