It seems fitting that Macau's oldest museum, open since 1987, is dedicated to the region's seafaring history and that it's located near the very spot where Portuguese traders first came ashore. Focusing on maritime traditions and seafaring accomplishments of Macau, China, and Portugal, exhibitions begin with a small theatre describing the legend of A-Ma, protector of seafarers and Macau's namesake, and goes on to explain fishing techniques ranging from trawling to purse seining. There are lots of boat models, including Chinese junks, trawlers, training ships, Portuguese sailing boats, a merchant frigate that once sailed between Macau and Japan, and even modern jetfoils. There are also navigation and nautical instruments, a model of Macau's Guia Lighthouse (erected in 1865 as the first lighthouse on the South China coast and still useful in guiding ships to Macau), and maps detailing voyages of discovery, including journeys led by Admiral Zheng He (1371–1433), who sailed an amazing seven voyages as far away as Africa and India. A small one-room aquarium delights children, while the outdoor esplanade is a good place from which to observe passing boats and barges. You can see the museum's three floors in less than an hour.